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«Introduction of blockchain technology will make computers do not only as employees, but also the same customers as you and me." - Travis Patron, researcher of digital money and curator of the report "Bitcoin investor 2015"».

Today, automation technologies get quite impressive investments from corporations, in any kind of industry and in some sectors of the economy. Changes and technological innovations are expected for staff and clients of the company.

First changes will be subject to "organizational issues", thanks to the introduction of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Clients and employees will be computers, which eliminates the human factor. Using of blockchain technology, creates a new functioning model, in which outdated system of control of the companies are changed. The main idea is that customers and employees are both machines.



According to estimates, which were presented at the world economic forum, by 2017, blockchain network will dedicate 10% of world GDP. This means that for the prosperity and development of corporations, human resources are needed less. In fact, the blockchain technology creates a unique type of corporations that are ahead their predecessors from the 20th century, according to the method of resource allocation and communication.

For the typical business models of the last century, are typical features like property, specialization and centralization, and almost no concept of, decentralization and sharing of resources. However, the economic prototype of blockchain technology - Bitcoin is a digital sample that combines those qualities, which corporations of the past do not have.

The corporate model of this type differs in functionality and structure, because the system is independent of human influence and at the same time belongs to everyone.


In the digital age, in a Bitcoin economy, the role of employees do machine instead of people in comparison with the industrial age. The manufacturer of the work or performing the function of the worker is a miner cryptocurrency. The hashing power, needed to confirm the blocks, is the product of the labor of miners. About every 10 minutes the network, each node pays the compensation - a "salary" equal to the compensation of the current block.

Just realize the essence of structural changes can be understood that the essence of the Corporation has undergone a transformation. The blockchain technology is a key stage in the development of technological innovation, because concept of blockchain-based networks changes the usual pattern of doing things and a model of corporations in principle.

Now in the role of company employees are increasingly making machine, and with the proliferation of smart contracts and customers, companies will become machines.



Network smart contracts are empirical purpose. Their functionality can be judged after reviewing the source code that manages them. Systems of smart contracts of the future will be open source and therefore will become completely transparent and protected from fraud by form of management. Cases of abuse will not occur due to the inability to understand the purpose of a contract or network.

It is worth noting the fact that the computer revolution is already past the turning point when such technologies were introduced only at universities and large companies. Therefore, the time when the control was have different people using one computer, already far in the past. Nowadays everything is different, now one big interconnected computer system controls many different people.

And most important, this system controls the most valuable part of our life – financial. The tipping point of control, which we recently passed, leads us to the complete opposite of where we were during the beginning of the digital revolution. First, we create our tools and then our tools create us.

That is the message, which Alan Turing tries to bring in his essay "Intelligent machinery: a heretical theory":

"Let's imagine, theoretically, that such machines could exist and look at the consequences that may result from their occurrence. The creation of intelligent machines, without a doubt, will cause great resistance society, of course, if we by this time will not move much forward in the question of religious tolerance, compared to the times of Galileo Galilei. To resist are primarily knowledge workers, who fear that intelligent machines will deprive them of jobs. But not the fact that machines can replace them. You will need to maintain the level of their own intelligence on a given machine level, because as soon as machine will begin to think that their brainpower will exceed a small power of the human mind. Machine will not die and will be able to communicate with each other to hone the power of his intellect. So at some stage we need to be prepared for the fact that the machine will begin to control us".



Now we can say that many people will work on a single network of computers, as before, one computer worked for many people. And it doesn't look like another invention of the genre of science fiction, because the laws of social development rework in correspondence with mathematical algorithms and science, not steel and paper as it was before.

The blockchain technology allows you to operate digital systems in the field of business and communications, regardless of the standard forms of laws.


In relation to today's Bitcoin ecosystem, miners are employees of the Corporation. But just in a few years we will witness another paradigm where smart contracts increasingly will be in the role of customers of the Corporation.


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