Top 6 most important sites for the Bitcoin user
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Every day, we see more and more news headlines on the subject of electronic Commerce and currency. In the era of giant technological breakthrough, even a mammoth would be difficult to stay out of range of "Progress". Thus each of us daily, one way or another is dealing with electronic money, whether credit card or Webmoney account. But today our conversation will focus on the already acclaimed Bitcoin. We decided to compile a list of most needed sites and services for users, whose life is connected with the world of cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin!

Let's start:

1. blockchain.info

This resource is in first place for whole list of reasons. But, before you can start the work with Bitcoin, it need to be stored somewhere. In the opinion of our office, the blockchain is the most convenient online wallet in addition, the website offers a lot of additional features starting with to-the-minute statistics transaction to charts rink and other amenities.

2. bitcoinwisdom.com

Very useful site-helper for both experienced traders and pioneers. Using this service, you can in real time monitor the change of prices and trading volumes for such digital currencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoin. The site provides charts of the most popular exchanges like Bitstamp, BTC-e, Bitfinex, and Huobi Chinese, which is undoubtedly very convenient, because for vision of complete picture of the cases you do not need to jump between sites.

3. btc-e.com

One of the most popular exchanges, where trades different currency pairs, BTC/USD, LTC/EUR, ETH/RUR and so on. But the main feature of the exchanges are BTC-e codes, a kind of calculation which has already won the hearts of many users. There is nothing easier than to give a man a line of text that sounds weird, but it works!

4. 24xbtc.com

A great e-currency exchanger. Huge selection of directions of exchange, helpful operators and a high level of trust from customers. One of the main features is the fact that the courier service can deliver the cash straight to the house. Exchange has long been on the market, as evidenced by various reviews, comments and reviews. All exchanges are performed manually, which is a guarantee of your safeness.

5. coindesk.com

How without news? A great website, which is a kind of luminary and a pointer on a trail in the world of Bitcoin. Here you can find answers to almost all questions. All the latest news, in "freshness" which is no doubt worth it, you can learn from the horse's mouth, so to speak. There is only one, but site is in English, and users with low level of English will be difficult to understand. But when we were stopped by these minor problems? Because there are plenty of online translators =)


If you are just too lazy to spend time on the translation of each news. I hasten to please you, for you have done all of the work. You can bookmark this site, great interface and well-thought usability will not leave you indifferent. And constant updating of news, both in Russian and in English, will help you to be aware of all news.

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