What you can buy for 1 Bitcoin? Part 6/7
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So, what can you buy with Bitcoins?


In June 2013, the unit price of Bitcoin was $128. Why we took the price is $128, when at the time of writing the price is $585. In fact, all simple, the lower the number, the easier the calculations, even at a price of $ 128, the number of products that you can buy is impressive. So, in 2013 for 1 BTC you could buy:

64 packing eggs;
30 big Macs;
34 gallon of gasoline (1 gallon~3.78 liters).
How long it takes to earn $128? Workaholic vs miners?

Hard worker

The minimum wage per hour: $7.25
Salary for 8 hours: $58
$128 will earn for: 17.7 hours


Earnings in BTC per hour: $0.12
Bitcoin earnings per day: $2.77
$128 will earn for: 44 days

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