How to make money on the Crypto currency in 2017-2018?
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Crypto currency has very strongly broken into our life, and if literally a couple of years ago not everyone knew what the bitcoins are, today even the grandmothers sitting in the yard on the bench speak about the growth of the rate of this crypto-currency.


In view of the very good growth prospects for most modern crypto currencies, only the lazy do not want to make money on them. But it is worthwhile to understand that potentially high incomes are associated with equally high risks, and therefore investing their money in the crypto currency is necessary with the mind, and also being able to analyze the most important and relevant information.

In the framework of this article, we will not consider what is the crypto currency, how it appeared, and other basic questions. After all, if you are interested in the topic of earning money on the crypto currency, you can assume that you already have basic knowledge. Let's consider in more detail, what methods can you earn on the crypto currency in 2017-2018. As before, you can lure coins, but this way of earning is very long and does not always justify itself. You can buy a certain amount of crypto currency at a price, wait for the growth of its value, then sell it at a higher cost, and put the difference in your pocket. The reverse way of earning is the sale of a crypto currency at a higher price, with the further purchase of this crypto currency at a time when its value has decreased. This will allow you to purchase a larger volume of crypto currency without spending more money on this operation than the user earned from selling it. As a result, the money is spent the same, but there are more crypto currency on the balance sheet. Then we wait for the growth of its rate, after which we sell it. Only it is better to sell not all the volume of the crypto currency, but a certain part of it, because you can never say for sure when the stage of the growth of the value of the crypto currency will come to an end.

Another popular way of earning is an active study of the crypto-currency market. You analyze the market and what new crypto-currencies appear on it. The earlier you start investing in the purchase of new crypto currency, the more you can earn, because in the beginning, their cost is minimal. For examples, you do not need to go far - it is bitcoin, whose value as of November 24, 2017 is 8,200 dollars for one bitcoin. It is terrible to imagine that at the very beginning of its existence the cost of 1 bitcoin did not exceed 10 cents. And those users who believed in the prospects of bitcoin at the very beginning, having bought it at the lowest price, are already today the dollar billionaires only because they had enough endurance not to sell their bitcoins when the price of the crypto currency was declining.

To earn on the Crypto-currency in the next year, you will need to learn how to work not with one, but with several types of this asset, and use at least 3 systems to generate income. Mining, as before, will remain relevant, but not in the case of bitcoin, because the mining of this crypto currency is already inappropriate because of a serious increase in electricity costs and computational complexity. As for other types of crypto-currency, they can still be successfully mined and earned on this. In addition, you can always rent out computer capacity, but for this you will need investments.


As for earnings without investments, it is also possible. So, you can perform certain simple tasks, such as viewing ads, entering captcha, navigating through links, etc., and for this you will be credited with the balance of the crypto currency, the size of which, in truth, leaves much to be desired. You can attract other users to earn money on the crypto currency of the partner program, receiving a certain percentage of their earnings. And yet, not having at least a minimum capital, you can not earn serious money on a crypto currency, because high incomes will require financial investments, as well as taking on some risks.

Do not wait for immediate profit, because in this case you are disappointed, and you simply lose faith in the possibility of earning. The first thing you should do is get the necessary knowledge by studying the features of the crypto currency you are planning to earn. Analyze all relevant information and draw the right conclusions from it. Just do not trust one source of information, and also involve several methods of mining the crypto currency at once.

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