XMR to Qiwi exchange
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What important factors should you pay attention to, if you decide to exchange coins xmr for rubles qiwi?

Needless to say, any experienced customer of these systems will tell you that in the first place you should pay attention to:

The exchange rate, because you do not want to lose your money, in particular, given the regular growth in the value of these currencies, where even the minimum difference is of no small importance

Reputation of the service, which should work for at least a year, and not have too many negative reviews

The speed of the transaction. Agree, there is a difference in whether you expect to receive funds 15 minutes (as in the case of our service) or more than 1 hour. Alas, this also happens. Force Majeure? Yes, it is they who exchange managers often complain about, it's not easy for customers themselves, especially for those who trade on the exchange of crypto-currencies and noticed the movement of the xmr exchange in a favorable direction for them, deciding to sell them quickly
Reserves of currencies. Service specialists 24xbtc.com regularly monitor the status of reserves and their sufficiency, and, if necessary, replenish them. But the workers of many other exchangers, unfortunately, can not boast of such rapidity - it is proved by hundreds of users

Convenience of service. It is also an important factor that does not directly affect the financial result, but it can be robust to tickle your nerves. See - it is enough for you to visit our site and you can register in just a few minutes and create an exchange application in the direction of xmr-qiwi. Simple and convenient, even if you are the first to make currency exchange with us. And now imagine - you visit the site of a little-known exchanger, after which you try to figure out for more than half an hour which section to look at reserves, current courses, where to create an exchange application. Or, when creating an application, you have to specify a huge amount of personal data that has absolutely nothing to do with the exchange. Such a "pleasure" can discourage you from ever wanting to use this service.

Of course, this is not a complete list of factors that need to be taken into account when exchanging xmr for qiwi. However, the main difficulty of this process lies in the other - services that give their customers the opportunity to exchange Monero for Kiwi, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Which of the fingers should I bend first? Of course, in favor of 24xbtc.com, because our exchanger regularly helps customers to change xmr to qiwi, every day working to improve the convenience of this exchange and make it even easier and more profitable.

To date, users of the Kiwi system have received the widest possible use of available funds on the balance sheet. So, promptly and without leaving home, they can pay for communication services, utility bills, pay for purchases on the Internet and perform many other operations. Therefore, it will be superfluous to talk about the situations in which you may need Kiwi rubles. But the trouble is - only Monero coins are on the account, and many exchangers are very reluctant to make an exchange in the direction of xmr-qiwi. Many, but not 24xbtc.com! After all, with us you will get access to the most profitable exchange rates, to the affiliate program, loyalty program, pleasant bonuses and gifts. Exchange xmr for qiwi from us once - and you will become our regular customer.

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