Input/output of cryptocurrency for cash (USD, RUB, UAH) at the best rates on the market!
Withdrawing cryptocurrency on VISA/MasterCard (RUB, UAH, KZT)
at the best rates on the market!

Couldn`t find desired exchange pair ? Ask here!

Input/output of cryptocurrency for cash (USD, RUB, UAH) at the best rates on the market!
Withdrawing cryptocurrency on VISA/MasterCard (RUB, UAH, KZT)
at the best rates on the market!
Couldn`t find desired exchange pair ? Ask here!

how it

step 1
Choose currencies

In order to start exchanging currencies on our website you have to choose the currency that you have. Click on the icon of this currency on the right side of the screen and it will automatically appear in the "Give" box. You can also use the drop-down list, which opens by clicking on the down arrow next to the "I give" field.

After that, you need to select the currency that you want to receive as a result of the exchange. As in the previous case, you can use either the currency icons on the right side of the screen (the currency to which you press the second appears in the "receive" field) or select from the drop-down list near the corresponding field.

step 1/2
calculation of amounts

Enter the amount of currency you want to exchange in the "I'll give" field and the calculator will automatically calculate the total amount you will receive as a result of the exchange.

If you want to see the full list of exchange rates at our exchange office - you can go to the "Courses" page, from which you can also continue the process of processing the request for an exchange.

To go to the application form, click on the "Exchange" button.

step 2
Confirmation of amounts

After the application has been processed, the service will display the amounts selected for currency exchange and amounts so that you can check whether you have entered the correct data. If you have a desire to change currencies or amounts - you can do it right in the first step of the exchange, so as not to waste time for a return to the beginning.

step 2/3
Additional Information

For a safe and correct exchange, you will need to provide your billing address, to which we will transfer funds based on the results of the exchange and the method of communication convenient for you. The contact address is taken in case there are difficulties during the exchange so that our operator could contact you in a form convenient for you and discuss the details if there is such a need.

The contacts you indicated are not stored and will not be used, it is only a precautionary measure.

step 3
Validation of application data

After filling out all the necessary data on the application, all information on the application will be shown to you for confirmation. You can get acquainted with the details, verify the entered data and, if necessary, return to any of the previous steps to correct the data.

step 3/4
Payment of exchange

When the entered data is checked and sent - the application is created and the service is ready for the exchange. You will be shown a billing address to which you will need to send the amount you specify, which you want to exchange.

step 4
Getting the final currency

After payment, you will be redirected to the page with the exchange status, where you can view the status of transactions on your application. Also on this page you will find the number of your transaction, with which you can always contact our support for more details.

After the successful exchange, the funds will be credited to the payee's billing address indicated by you and the application will be closed.

If you have a desire - you can leave your feedback about the service or suggestions for improving it in the "Reviews" section.

Why we?

More than 5 years on the market

Our service has been operating in the field of currency exchange for more than five years and thanks to this we perfectly know all the subtleties of this sphere, which helps to provide better services for our customers.

Big reserves

Our exchange office provides our customers with high reserves to ensure that customers can exchange large amounts of money for one exchange operation. Also, maintaining high amounts of reserves helps us to ensure a more stable operation of the service without delays due to lack of currency.

24 hours work

For you our support operators work 24/7 to be at any time ready to help both with the transaction and with the answers to your questions.

How we are working

Our exchange office carries out exchange operations both in manual and automatic mode and we are perfectly aware of all the subtleties of these processes and how to offer customers the most comfortable conditions.

Online support operators 24/7

Have you issued an application and want to receive confirmation before the funds are sent to create a deal? Do you want to get advice on any issues related to the exchange operations or the work of the service? Having difficulty with the application? For any of your questions, our support operators will respond promptly and at any time of the day.

Priority for clients

First of all, we care about the convenience for our visitors, therefore such indicators as speed, reliability, confidentiality and stability are the main ones for us.

We make every effort to communicate and maintain these indicators at an altitude in order to maintain a high level of quality of our services.

If you have suggestions for improving the quality of our service - you can always tell us about them and we will take measures to improve as soon as possible

Our online service is a place where absolutely every user is given the opportunity to conduct financial transactions with electronic money or title signs.

Great choice of currencies

24xbtc offers you a wide range of currencies, with which you can conduct exchange transactions. We work with electronic payment systems, crypto-currencies, bank wagons and cash, offering our customers all the most popular electronic money at the moment.

Cash withdrawal and courier delivery

Also our service provides services for the withdrawal of electronic currencies and courier delivery of cash (USD, EUR, RUR, UAH) to the cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.

Do not know how to exchange or buy a crypto currency? There is no necessary currency?

Contact the operator in the online chat (right bottom corner) or the contacts listed on the site, and our managers will help you.


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